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Excess Body Fat - How to Burn It


You probably have heard about the different trainers or those keen gym-goers who are saying that spot reduction is a myth and you can't target particular areas of the body in burning fat. Well, they are somewhat in the way that you cannot do exercises in order to attain spot reduction but know that there is a method in doing this. This is actually achieved by manipulating your hormones. The way that this works is that if some hormones are either too high or too low. You should know that this would make your body hold on to fat in particular areas which then become problem areas for the person and they would work themselves to get rid of this. Make yourself one of the luckiest person who learn about how to lose excess fat www.bodyfatpills.com.


You should know that there are several hormones which are involved in weight gain like when you have a high cortisol level. When you have this, then you will have a fat gain in the belly area. This is also what happens when you have high estrogen level too. There are many other things that you should know about how hormone levels can affect the fat gain in your body. What you must do is that you must turbo charge the fat loss and know where you store most of the body fat. If you have found the problem area and you worked out which hormone is actually causing such problem, then you should know these things and learn about how you can correct such hormone imbalance. If you are interested in how to lose excess fat bodyfatpills.com/pills.php , please click the link provided


If you have some problem with the cortisol, then you need to ensure that you minimize stress. You may spend some time in relaxing and also not stressing out with life. Make sure that you get on top of things that make you worried. It is also best that you are around the individuals who make you feel good and would de-clutter the house. You can also bring a pet home and get regular massages and others.


Be sure that you also follow the elimination diet. The foods that this kind of diet cut out are hard for your body to digest and also hard to work with so they can lead to the release of cortisol. You should know more about this type of diet. To read more to our most important info about excess body fat click the link http://www.ehow.com/how_4712550_lose-body-fat-fast.html


Moreover, you must know that cortisol is released in big amounts on exercise. Such doesn't mean that you should not exercise but this means that you must try to avoid cardio since this can release so much cortisol. You must do short sharp bursts of resistance exercise to ensure that the cortisol levels are kept low and in order to raise the metabolism too.